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Is Obesity More Common in Women or Men and Why?

Is Obesity More Common in Women or Men and Why?

Nothing is worse and more traumatic than living as an obese. You'll strongly agree if you, too, are obese! The fear of being mocked by peer circle, the more chances of getting any disease, the taunting words of society, and severe emotional disturbances are what an overweight person faces. Life is not much pleasant for a person with obesity.

Typically, anyone with more than the average weight for a particular height is called overweight or obese. Today's article will discuss obesity, its causes, the gender. which is more likely to be affected by it, and the countries or cultures that have more obese people. So, let's get started!

Causes of Obesity:

Commonly, obesity occurs in many individuals due to genetic influences, hormonal imbalance, and severe behavioral changes. But, if you take more than the required calories per day and neglect exercise and any other physical activity, your body will react by storing extra calories as fats.

Following are some causes of obesity:

  1. Medical Causes

A few studies reported that some diseases might also trigger hormonal imbalance and result in obesity or weight gain.

These are the following:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS): A common hormonal disorder that leads to irregular periods and obesity in women.

Diabetes: The diabetic patients who need insulin daily to cope with diabetes mostly gain weight.

Heart Failure: Quick and abnormal weight gain or puffiness in some parts of the body may be due to any heart problem.

Cushing Syndrome: It's the most notorious disease for weight gain, which occurs due to an irregular increase in stress hormone (cortisol).

  1. Genetics

Obesity has a strong connection with genetics. If the parents are obese, their children's chances of being obese are higher. What's more unpleasant is that if you're obese due to a genetic cause, it's ten times harder to lose weight, mainly if you spent all your childhood eating non-healthy, less nutritious, and junk food.

  1. Lack of Physical Activity

The primary cause of rising cases of obesity is minor physical activity. If you have a job where you have to sit for hours without any physical activity, it may increase your chance of becoming obese.

Children and teens who use their mobiles for gaming, watch TV for relaxation and do everything without any strenuous activity are more prone to obesity. Due to the lack of physical activity, the first thing your bariatrician recommends you to lose weight is workouts and exercise.

Who is More Likely to Be Obese? Men or Women?

Who is more obese, men or women? Well, a clear answer to this question is quite tricky. It's because various studies give different answers. In some parts of the world, there are more obese women than men, while in others, the ratio of obese men is higher.

However, a study found that the following are the factors that show that women are more prone to obesity than men:

  • "Women who never got nutrient-rich food in their childhood (i.e., those living in the poor countries) were mostly observed as obese as compared to men."
  • "Women of more adult social standings have high risk of obesity than men."

Which Countries Come Up With More Obese Individuals?

Nowadays, obesity has become a global problem. The WHO reveals that the number of obese persons in the world quickly increased in the last two to three decades. Now, approximately 31.5% population of the world is dealing with obesity.

Following is the list of the countries with higher numbers of obese citizens:

  1. Nauru, a small oval-shaped island country in the Pacific Ocean, is referred to as the most obese country globally, with 61% obese citizens.
  1. Cook Islandsis a tiny country in the north-east of New Zealand with an almost 55.9% obesity rate. (2nd most obese country in the world).
  2. Palauis a country in Oceania that is the 3rd most obese country in the world, with 55.3% obese individuals.
  3. Marshall Islandsis a continuous chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean, making its place in the list of the 4th most obese country in the world.
  1. Tuvalu is an independent country in Oceania and is referred to as the 5th most obese country in the world.

 While the survey also revealed that Vietnam is world's least obese country, with only 2.1% obese individuals.

 Is There Any Culture Which Has the Highest Number of Obese People?

Culture refers to a specific group of people based on their same characteristics, area, physical appearance, lifestyle, food preferences, and ancestry. So, people with the same culture or belonging to the same race are more likely to be overall similar.

As far as the rate of obesity in any specific culture is concerned, it's reported that the African Culture has an alarming number of obese people.

 Wrapping it Up:

So, that's all you need to know about obesity and gender differences in its prevalence. If you also fall among obese people, you should try lifestyle changes, develop healthy eating habits, and opt for exercise and workouts to overcome obesity.

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