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Should You Size Up or Down In Activewear?

Should You Size Up or Down In Activewear?

Are you confused about “should you size up or down in activewear? Doubtlessly, it’s the hot topic among all the gym-going women. And if you’re a beginner, you might have zero information about it.  

But to be honest, there isn’t an exact answer to this question. That’s because sizes vary from brand to brand. Activewear from some brands gives you a loose fit while others have too tight fitting in the same size. 

So you have to select the right size so wisely. When picking the right activewear, you must know a few crucial points that you must follow. These points will help you decide if you should size up or down in activewear. 

Without any further delay, let’s dive directly into the discussion now. 

Should You Size Up or Down in Activewear? Know All Standards

Without performing the trial, there is no need to size up or down the activewear directly. Buying medium-sized leggings just because you wear this size in your regular leggings isn’t the right way to buy your activewear. Relax; choosing the right size isn’t a knotty task. You need to follow the below-mentioned tips to know if you need one size up or down. 

Having Wrinkled Skin on Waistline? Go one size up in leggings.

If you’re wearing leggings that cause your waistline to contract badly and skin becomes wrinkled, it means you’re wearing a smaller size. You need to size up according to your requirements. It can be one size up or even two. If you've tried a small size, go with a medium one. 

Should You Size Up or Down In Activewear?

Make sure your skin doesn't start contracting from the waist when you wear leggings. It’s one of the essential tips to get the right-sized leggings for your gym. 

Leggings Roll Down Frequently? Pick one size up.

When you work out, you want all your interest and attention towards it. While lifting weight, doing squats, or even exercising, can you afford to pull your leggings up frequently? Absolutely not!

If you have any pair of such leggings, don’t take a minute to throw them out. That’s because these leggings can bring your motivation level to zero. 

All this shows that you want one size down in leggings that correctly fit from the waistline. 

If you want shorts instead of leggings, follow all these points for shorts too. That’s because leggings and shorts have the same standards to get a perfect size. 

When To Size Up or Down in a Sports Bra?

A sports bra is the most important upper body activewear. But unfortunately, most women can’t pick the right size. Or they even don’t know what fitting is best. 

No need to buy a sports bra with a guessed size. Move to the trial room and take a proper test. For this, jump up and down, twist your body from one side to another, and run for a small distance. During all this, check if the bra stays in place or moves up and down with your body movements. 

If it doesn’t stay in place, it means you’re wearing a loose size, and you need to move one size down. Not necessarily one, but you might need to move two sizes down if it’s too loose. 

On the other hand, if the bra bands dig into your skin and you feel trapped in it, your sports bra is too tight. It needs to be replaced with one size up or one that feels smooth on your skin without digging in. Look for the most comfortable bra. That’s because the comfiest one will be one that is of the perfect size according to your body. 

How to Know If the Tank Tops are Right-Sized or Not?

Buying a loose tank top is of no use. You need one that is well-fitted to your upper body. Plus, it should neither be too tight nor too loose. A too-tight top will restrict or constrict your movement. At the same time, a loose one can cause chafing.

Test your required top by wearing it for some time. During this, if the straps feel embedded into the skin, it’s not the correct size. 

If the strap is frequently coming off from your shoulder, it’s a bigger size, and you need to move one size down. 

Pick Matchless Activewear Before It’s Too Late!

Can you now answer, “should you size up or down in activewear?” We’ve presented you with a detailed guide on this topic. It’s time to pick your desired pair of leggings, sports bras, shorts, or other activewear from us.

We’ve a lot of designs and styles in all activewear. Plus, our sizes are also so accurate that you won’t feel any difficulty in getting the right one. 

So don’t delay; get the required pieces of activewear today. 

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