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Is it Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings?

It has always been super confusing to decide, “is it better to run in shorts or leggings?” Are you also stuck on the same question? No matter if it’s shorts or leggings, both have their perks. If you don’t want to hold your bottom up frequently or don’t want your legs to get stuck in some too-tight bottoms, you’ve to become picky. Are shorts or leggings better for running?

We've designed this content to let you come out of this confusion. At the end of the article, you’ll be surely fully confident about your pick. So let’s get started. 

Is it Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings? Here’s the Right Answer 

The bottoms for running should be fully perfect for improving your running performance. And to be honest, there’s no specific option fixed for running. The choice depends on the type of running. Obviously, you can go in shorts to a place where there is too much sand and dust. And you won’t feel comfortable wearing tight leggings for the long run. 

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Shorts While Running

Wearing shorts during running has different perks. These benefits will urge you to wear a pair of the comfiest shorts during your next run. 

  • Shorts Give Matchless Comfort
  • Shorts are Lightweight
  • They Let Your Body Respire
  • Shorts Offer Freedom of Movement

Shorts Give Matchless Comfort

If you can’t compromise on comfort, you should always prefer shorts to leggings for running. Firstly, the shorts don’t restrict your movement. So you can swiftly take every single step. Secondly, shorts are a foremost option in summer. 


They prevent your body from getting sweaty. That’s because the air keeps on coming in contact with your legs. Less sweaty legs mean more comfort, leading to a better running experience. So it’s better to wear shorts rather than fitted leggings for running. 

Shorts are Lightweight

There’s no match for heavyweight bottoms and running. And out of all the bottoms, shorts are light in weight. Put your hands on the shorts when selecting one from shorts and leggings for running. 

The shorts make you feel super comfy, and you can run fast without feeling bulky. So yes, shorts are a big yes for running. 

They Let Your Body Openly Respire

As the shorts don’t fully cover your body, they are super helpful in letting the skin of your legs respire. When your legs respire, the sweat evaporates into the air, and you don’t feel wet during running. Thus, it won’t go wrong if we say that shorts are one of the skin-friendly options you must not ignore for running. 

Shorts Offer Freedom of Movement

Running demands freedom of movement of your legs. Running would become a nightmare if your legs have restricted movement. So shorts become the star of the show when it comes to the question, is it better to run in shorts or leggings? Shorts allow you to run fast and smoothly without feeling restricted or irritated.

Some Cons of Wearing Shorts During Running 

Nothing is an all-rounder when deciding the bottom wear for running. The same is the case for the shorts. If shorts are highly preferable for running, there are some cons as well. Firstly, you can’t wear shorts during winter. These are just limited to use in the summers. 

Is it Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings?

Secondly, shorts can lead to chafing. Especially if you have large thighs, there is a 90% chance of chafing. Thirdly, shorts will easily let the wind contact your lower body. Therefore, they will give you zero comfort in winter. 

Reasons Why You Should opt for Leggings While Running

Here are some prime reasons you should go with leggings while running.

  • Leggings Keep Your Lower Body Safe from Sun
  • Leggings Improve Circulation in Legs
  • They Keep You Safe from Chilly Winds
  • Your Lower Body Becomes Safe from Dust and Sand
  • Leggings Let You Say No to Chafing

Leggings Keep Your Lower Body Safe from Sun

Just imagine it’s scorching sun outside. Can you dare to wear shorts while running in such weather? Never!

Leggings give you full coverage and prevent your legs from falling prey to harmful sun rays. If you don’t want the harsh weather to be a stumbling block, leggings are the perfect option. 

Leggings Improve Circulation in Legs

Leggings feel like a second skin to your body. And the compression leggings work by applying pressure to your legs. This pressure improves blood circulation, and you feel better during running. 

Not just this, but the compression in the leggings also reduces the swelling from exerted muscles and brings discomfort to a minimal level. No swelling and no discomfort can lead you to a better running experience. 

They Keep You Safe from Chilly Winds

Chilly winds hinder your smooth running performance. And you don’t want to take a single step. But full-length leggings prove to be the real protector from the chilly winds. 

The perfect fitted leggings don’t let the wind reach your body. Thus you stay active and protected. Leggings are a matchless option to warm up your body during winter. 

Your Lower Body Becomes Safe from Dust and Sand

Doubtlessly, it becomes irritating and allergic if the sand and dust cover your body. And this is possible if you run wearing shorts. If you’re going to run in areas with a burst of dust or too much sand, always prefer wearing leggings over shorts. Full-length leggings will keep your running legs safe from dust and sand. 

Leggings Let You Say No to Chafing

One of the main reasons you should wear leggings while running is they prevent chafing. And if you’ve large thighs, you’ll consider leggings a blessing during running. The compression in the leggings prevents the contact of both thighs; thus, they stay safe from chafing. 

Moreover, the leggings are mostly made of moisture-wicking fabric. So this feature keeps your body dry and prevents chafing during running. 

Some Cons of Wearing Leggings During Running

While there are a lot of benefits to wearing leggings while running, there are some cons too. Firstly, if the leggings are too tight, they can restrict your movement. Thus you won’t be able to run comfortably. Or you won’t be able to run much. 

Secondly, some runners might feel irritation covering their whole lower body during running. 

Pro Tip- Don’t Forget to Consider Fabric When Buying Shorts or Leggings for Running

There’s no doubt that checking the comfort level, performance, and right fit is crucial when hunting for the best shorts or leggings. But checking the fabric is foremost of all. Here are some of the best fabrics you should look for when purchasing shorts and leggings.

Best Fabric for Shorts

For shorts, polyester and nylon are the top picks among all the fabrics. Both of these fabrics are sweat-wicking. Thus they prevent sweat buildup and keep you cool and dry. 

Best Fabric for Leggings

Out of all the fabrics, spandex stays at the top when picking the outclass fabric for leggings for running. It has high stretchability and gives the best fit to your lower body. Moreover, the spandex fabric of the compression leggings improves blood circulation, and you run better. 

To Sum Up

When deciding whether it is better to run in shorts or leggings, firstly, decide what type of run you will do. Not just this, but selecting one from shorts and leggings also depends on the weather conditions. 

You can’t wear shorts in the winter. In the same way, leggings might not be a good option to choose in summer for the long run. So it’s better to put your hands on the best one considering all these points. We wish you an exceptional running experience!

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