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What To Wear To Gym Female? Blexry

We assume, for many women it is very difficult to decide what to wear to gym and sometime can be a source of anxiety and stress. Some women join gym for the first time, so it can be a headache for them to balance what looks good, what is comfortable, what is appropriate to wear for their workout. Hence, choosing admirable women workout clothes can be tricky because sportswear is tight fitting fabric and you cannot hide flaws of your figure.

Most activewear are revealing so it’s really a work of wisdom to select best activewear as according to your body shape to look good and flatter your figure. We can even say, what you wear at gym can make or can break your workout. If you are wearing proper gym wear then you will feel confident during your workout.

Everybody knows mental satisfaction is very important in any kind of work, so how can we avoid it in choosing gym wear. Although going to the gym is not fashion show, it’s still very important to look good and attractive. Hence, when you look good you feel good. Wearing comfortable clothes in gym make you feel confident and allows easy movements will also help to a bit more motivated towards your goals.

Here comes the question what to wear to gym to look good and feel best while exercising?  

We provide you an overall view on tips what to wear and what not to wear in gym to increase your comfort level. Let us first discuss what to wear to gym; 

High Waisted and Squat Proof Gym Leggings

High waisted gym leggings make you look taller while squat proof means that the leggings are not see through when you bend over or stretch the fabric during movements. It is what you have to do with your funky gym leggings if you do not want your underwear to show…….

  • Wear underwear that is close to color of your leggings.
  • Test your leggings before going to gym you can do that in day light with a wall mirror.
  • Do not wear leggings which are small in size as this will stretch the fabric more than intended and make your women gym leggings more see through.

You should shop leggings with pockets to hold your phone.


Wear Sports Bra at Gym

If you are new to gym, you might be wondering, should I wear sports bra to the gym or not?

The answer is definitely "Yes"! as long as they fit well. Sports bras are completely perfect gym wear. Indeed, a sports bra can be one of the best things you can wear to gym because they make it easy to gain the full body workout by offering full range of movements in your arms and shoulders. Sports bras keep you dry because of sports bra’s breathable fabric evaporate sweat from the body. Regular bras absorb sweat and feel soggy. Sports bra support you it will minimize bounce, stay in place and you need not to put your breasts back in place every five minutes.


Put on Workout Underwear

We guess, workout underwear is as important as women funky gym leggings are sports bra. As a matter of fact, workout undies will make your feel dry their fabrics is much better than cotton undies which absorb sweat and take hours to dry. Workout under wear is more comfortable, they are pure comfort with no sliding down. Workout underwear also stop rashes so buy a good brand sports underwear before hitting the gym for first time.


Always Choose Dark Colors and Tight Clothes to Wear to Gym

There is no surprise if we say that dark colors and tights clothes are better than light colored loose clothes. Here are the reasons why this is so?

  • Tight clothes don’t move. What can be more troublesome than covering your body every time you lift your arms are bend downward with the loose top this is a big problem you will face.


  • Dark colors make you look slimmer as dark colors absorb most colors of the light and reflect a few only. They will hide most of your extra body fat.

What Not to Wear to Gym?

Come on girls, do not be too conventional while going for your workout. Say no to

  • Loose tops, bras, and under wears made with 100% cotton fabrics. Most of time, the best thing wear to gym is what makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Instead of cotton choose a gym wear made with breathable, sweat wicking, synthetic fabric. We feel sorry to tell you that your favorite tee shirt is no more worth wearing in gym as a women workout clothing.
  • Do not wear shapeless are too old workout clothing, give your gym wardrobe a new look by replacing shapeless old items with new gym clothes.
  • Go to the gym without makeup. Makeup free face can breathe meanwhile, makeup clogs the pores so it will become harder for sweat to come out of the skin. And your soft and glowing sweet look can be damaged by the flareups of acne.
  • Jewelry is worth wearing thing, but we apologize to say not in the gym. Hard works of gym can demolish your delicate favorite jewels.
  • Do not use normal heels, wedges or slipper in the gym for workout. Always use comfortable sports shoes.


Last But Not the Least Words

Finally, in our opinion we can say, whatever your aim is to enter the gym either you want to reduce your inches / kgs or you want to become a super body builder, your first focus should be what to wear to gym during workout

. A female workout kit must include, a legging, capris, shorts, sports bra, sports under wears and training shoes to get the maximum benefit out of your workout. We recommend very high quality, adequate in price leggings, shorts, sports bra and capris which are available in different sizes, funky styles and dark and bright colors at


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