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How to Wash Workout Clothes that Smell?

“Eww! It smells so bad.” These are the gamers' words about their activewear when they reach home after a workout session. What you do in such a condition is change your clothes and wear clean and dry clothes. Isn’t it so?

Wait a minute. What about the workout clothes that you just changed and placed in the laundry basket? Do you know how to wash workout clothes that smell? No? 

How to Wash Workout Clothes that Smell?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You might be a fitness expert and not a cleaning expert. So you need proper guidance on this topic. 

Let’s spare a few minutes to read the complete contempt. In the end, you’ll surely become an expert in washing your gym clothes that smell bad.

Here we go!

How to Wash Workout Clothes That Smell? Step By Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to wash your gym clothes after a workout. Let’s have a glance at each step. 

Hang Your Clothes Before Putting Them in Laundry Hamper 

All the gymers have the same post-workout routine. And what’s it? Indeed taking a protein shake, changing clothes, and putting the wet gym clothes into the laundry hamper. The former is totally okay, but the latter is the worst thing you do in your post-workout. 

Never toss your gym clothes into the hamper. They will start to give a worse smell than the smell they already had. 

In this situation, you need to air out your clothes by hanging them on the hangers. But don’t forget to turn them inside out. In this way, all the sweat will become dry, and they won’t get any mold growth. 

Use Vinegar- The Magical Cleaning Agent

You might have heard that vinegar has magical cleaning powers. But now you’ll see it working. When your clothes are completely dry and aired out, soak them in vinegar.

Nooo! You don't have to soak your clothes in vinegar directly. Instead, fill your sink with one part vinegar and three parts water. This will dilute the vinegar, and the fibers of your clothes won’t get affected. 

Soak your workout leggings, bra, tops, and other activewear in this solution and let them in it for almost thirty minutes. It will remove all the bad odor. Now bring them out, and they are ready to go into the washing machine.

Wash in the Washing Machine With Detergent

Leave the vinegar-soaked clothes in the washing machine and add some detergent and hot water. Don’t add too much detergent as this might let the smell get stuck in your clothes. 

No need to let them in the machine for more than five to seven minutes. After this time, bring them out and pass them through the water to remove all the detergent thoroughly. 

Electric Dryer? Nah! A Big No

Why go with the artificial means when you’ve the natural mean that is a hundred times better than that one? Prefer to dry your gym clothes in sun rays because ultraviolet rays can kill the bacteria. Plus, the fresh outer air will also pass into your clothes. 

Moreover, your clothes will become safe from the wrinkles they will get in the electric dryers. 

After following all these steps, you’ll get your gym clothes clean and free from any smell. Instead, they will be giving off some pleasant smell. 

Some Beneficial Tips You Must Know  

Here are some pro tips that every gamer must know. 

In the Case of Detergent, Less is More

It won’t go wrong if we say that less detergent is more if you want to properly remove the smell from your workout clothes and also increase the lifespan of your clothing. Most of you will think adding more detergent adds a more pleasant smell to your clothes. But it’s totally wrong, my friend. 

When you add more detergent, the excessive detergent leaves residue in your clothes that gets stuck in the fabric and becomes the food source of bacteria. And this bacteria then causes the production of a bad odor. 

That’s the main reason that your gym clothes still have some smell after washing. 

Say Goodbye to Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are another reason your gym gear doesn't eliminate the sweat smell. If you dive deep into the mechanism of these softeners, you’ll know that these softeners make a barrier that locks the smell in your clothes. In other words, it’s a bacteria attractant that starts the growth of smell, causing bacteria in your gym clothes. 

Therefore, instead of making them smell-free, these fabric softeners do the opposite job. 

Concluding Words

We hope you have all the information regarding “how to wash your gym clothes that smell?” So rather than directly dropping your sweaty clothes in the hamper, turn them inside out, and hang them; they become dry. After that, they are ready to go into the world of laundry. 

Before leaving, let us say that in case you need some new gym clothes, you can head towards Blexry. It has some amazing gym wear for its customers. 

But first, go back, and wash your leggings and top that you left in the hamper. 😉

Have a good washing experience!

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